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“It’s no surprise that Miranda Lambert is a popular artist for the Song Suffragette singer/songwriter performers to cover. Recently the five women took on “Automatic,” Lambert’s Gold certified hit from Platinum. This acoustic version lives up to that gold standard.
Ella Mae Bowen, Lena Stone, Kalie Shorr, Ashley Gearing and Brianna Nelson are the five artists on stage. Shorr begins as she often does, holding down the song’s instrumentation and opening the first verse before giving way to Bowen, who takes the song to the chorus.
It’s 17-year-old Nelson that leaves the crowd oohing. Her vocal inflections at the verse bring some pop and soul sensibility to a straight-forward country song. Stone and Gearing take the next verse and chorus before Shorr picks up the bridge and the group takes the song home.
Every Monday night at the Listening Room Cafe in Nashville, the Song Suffragettes share their own music before closing with one group cover. It’s an hour-long performance that was designed to give females a place to share songs, make new friends and grow as artists, songwriters or performers. Taste of Country is a proud partner in the #LetTheGirlsPlay movement, regularly covering this show as well as spotlighting one artist monthly.
— Billy Dukes,, Aug 30, 2015
“Brianna Nelson is a 20 year old Berklee College of Music student, who grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Her sound primarily incorporates elements of folk and pop but she could just about sing anything and nail it. When she sings, you hang on to every word. Her vocals are soaring, yet intimate, her range impressive and her modest confidence is refreshing. “
— WKLB 102.5 - Carolyn Kruse's Catch of The Week - Aug 22, 2018
Staff Picks for September 14th, 2015
— Leo Tran, Muzooka Staff, Sep 14, 2015
Her songs and her music are poetic expressions performed in her individually unique soulful blend of Indie rock and folk, a sound that caught the attention of Voice producers, including Mark Burnett and Trelawny Rose .....
— Jeff Werner, The Advance, April 9th, 2015